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Book: “Dufter Doodles – Funny Office Memes” – Available on Amazon (click here for link to book)


  • Short story titled “Obsessive Compulsive'” in the book titled “Voices From the Attic” (Attic Books)
  • Potluck” – Bangalore Mirror (collaborative fiction piece published on January 3, 2016)
  • Marathon” – The Criterion – An International Journal (Volume: 6, Issue: 4; published August 2015)
  • Anyone for Potluck?” – Scroll (collaborative fiction piece published on August 15, 2016)
  • Short story titled “Space Submission'” in the book titled “The Madras Mag Anthology of Contemporary Writing”

Movie Review

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The Power of Storytelling

Semi-Autobiographical Fiction

  • Short story titled “An Ode to Arcade Uncle” in the #1 Amazon bestselling e-book “6 Diverse People & True Leadership Stories”

Travel / Culture

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