Frost at Midnight Reviews ‘Denial’

‘How does one deal with loss? The loss of a high-paying job or the loss of the love of one’s life. The answer varies from person to person. And that is what Akhil Kakkar shows us in this tale. “Denial” exposes the raw emotions that course through our veins. Impulsiveness, desperation, hope, despair… all of it are featured.’

– Jayasree Bhargavan (‘Frost at Midnight’) reviews my short story ‘Denial’ (and six other stories on Quillr). Here’s the link:

‘Space Submission’ and Launch of The Madras Mag Anthology


In April this year, my short story ‘Space Submission’ was published in the indie literary journal ‘The Madras Mag’ (click to read story). The story is now a part of The Madras Mag anthology which features the works of new and known Indian (and some international) writers. The book gets launched on the 11th of October in Chennai. This is my first book launch, so if you’re in Chennai at the time, please do drop in.